Review of Juicy Couture Watches

I just got an early Christmas present and wanted to share my thoughts on my new Juicy Couture Watches!

The Juicy Couture brand took the fashion world by storm when they first came on the fashion scene with t-shirts and terry leisure wear. In addition to the clothing line, Juicy Couture Watches are as popular today as their other trendy accessories. Juicy Couture Watches are made with fun, whimsy, and feminity in mind. The choices available from the collection Juicy Couture Watches include a watch for ladies of all ages and styles.
If looking for one of the Juicy Couture Watches with little adornment an excellent choice is the Metallic Zoe Watch. The pretty Metallic Zoe Watch has a metallic leather band with a Juicy Couture logo lining, a lovely rectangular stainless steel case, a white dial with silver numbers, a Juicy Crown wind piece, water resistance, two hand quartz movements and more. The retail price for one of the most popular Juicy Couture Watches is $150.00 (Great Watches Store).

One of the prettiest and trendiest of the Juicy Couture Watches is the Juicy Couture Chain Bracelet Watch. Available in silver tone metal the unique watch offers features such as; black dial, white roman numerals, quartz movement, water resistance and more. Definitely one of the most popular of the Juicy Couture Watches, this style is a two-in-one look giving the wearer the best of both in a watch, and a bracelet with a unique and stylish look. In addition in staying true with the charm and whimsy associated with the style and design of Juicy Couture products, the Juicy Couture Chain Bracelet Watch also has a dangling heart charm attached. The retail price for the Juicy Couture Chain Bracelet Watch is $295.00 (Great Watches Store).

The line of Juicy Couture Watches makes a point to create styles for everyone. If looking for a durable and fashionable watch for a teen to wear to school an excellent choice is the Juicy Couture Jelly Watch. Available with either a pink or clear band, the Juicy Couture Jelly Watch offers features such as; round stainless steel case, quartz movement, Crown etched wind piece, water resistant, stainless steel case and buckle, and a rubber jelly strap with “Juicy Couture” logo and hearts. Definitely a great gift items from among the collection of Juicy Couture Watches, the Jelly Watch retails for approximately $95.00 and comes in a gift box (Great Watches Store).

For more information on Juicy Couture Watches visit the web site for Juicy Couture or for other retailers that carry high end designer clothing and accessories such as Eluxury, Nordstrom, and others.

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