White Winter Wedding: Planning Tips

Who’s up for a white winter wedding? One where all you see for miles is snow, snow and more snow. How romantic! This would be a great wedding idea for anyone who loves the snow and cold. Or, anyone who wants to create a white fantasy. It would make a great wedding video, like the films from 2Bridges Productions.

wedding kiss videography-min

So how do you have this dream wedding? It will take some planning, but you can make it perfect. Find an area where it snows alot, and often, and there is usually snowfall on the ground. You can find places like this near the Great Lakes region, especially because of lake-effect snow. One place you could try is Wisconsin.

Once you pinpoint an area, find a lake that is constantly frozen all winter long. One in Wisconsin is Lake Mendota, the large lake the Madison surrounds. Although there may be some shallow areas way out in the middle, generally most of the lake is frozen, especially in February.

The idea here is to have your wedding on a frozen, snow-covered lake. There is white as far as the eye can see, and it’s risky for those of you who like adventure. You’re going to have the whole wedding outside, in the freezing weather conditions. If you choose Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, February temperatures often go into the negative, without factoring in the windchill. Don’t be surprised for a negative 30 degrees fahrenheit day!

Talk to some locals and find out how far you can venture onto the ice and be safe. Then, start setting up the wedding area. You will have the place where the minister or other person and the couple stand, as well as the seating for the audience. You can place flowers and the podium, whatever you need to make a beautiful wedding scene.

Yes, it will be cold, but the feeling of being out on the ice is incredible. Give people hot hand packs to warm up. And of course warm them ahead of time to dress incredibly warm and layered.

So what type of wedding dress will you have? This could create a whole new market for weddings- the winter wedding dress. You may have to have one specially made for the bride, that is warm yet elegant. Of course, no one ever said you have to dress in the traditional garb.

What you need after the wedding is a warmed tent on the land surface for people to warm up. I have found that it is safe to have a heater or two on the ice- as the ice fishers do it, I wouldn’t recommend going overboard. Heat rises, but you still don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Then, have ice skates available (if there isn’t alot of snow on the ice) or cross-country skis if snow covers the lake. Talk about a fun wedding! This will be quite the fantasy.

For the honeymoon, fly somewhere warm, or continue the winter fantasy by finding a cozy hotel with an adjustable in-room heater! You’ll be frozen and need it!

How to Make Shopping for Women’s Plus Size Clothing Easy and Fun

The most important thing to remember when purchasing plus size clothing is your body type. Some women are heavy-chested, pear-shaped, apple shaped, or a mixture that can be frustrating when shopping for plus size clothing. You need to find styles of clothing that works well on your body type so you can take great photographs of yourself!

You need to become comfortable and familiar with your body and shape. Stand in front of a full length mirror and study your accents and flaws. Be proud of your shape and flaunt your figure. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a decent fit. You need to know what fits your style and what looks right on your body. Its not the number of pounds on the scale, it’s how you look and feel in your clothes.

When you feel comfortable in your own skin and have on a fabulous outfit, confidence radiates from within. This alone is worth the effort to maximize your figure.

A great way to eliminate size issues is to get accurate measurements of your body. You can do this in a couple of ways. You can search the Internet for information on how to take your own measurements. More helpful would be to go to an experienced tailor to ensure accurate measurements.

Your undergarments can make or break your outfit. As a plus size woman your bra is extremely important for a nice sleek look. When going shopping for new lingerie, ask the sales person what styles would look great on you. Also be sure to ask to be properly fitted for a bra. How your breasts fill out your clothes can add or subtract pounds.

Waist accentuation is so important. Some women are blessed with an hourglass figure, some are not. You should never be ashamed of the size of your hips. Your job is to accentuate your waist and show off your curves. Never be ashamed of your womanly figure. Plus size or not, you will feel more sexy and feminine if you accentuate your waist. Everyone needs a little tuck somewhere. Corsets, high-waisted support panties, and waist cinchers are your best friend.

What about the backside? Support garments cannot be mentioned enough. Always feel confident about your rear end. If you don’t like the way you look from the back, work on it. But accept and be proud of what you have now. There are butt shapers, bodysuits, girdles, and a host of shape-wear to suit any figure. Don’t forget to wear your shape-wear when you go to buy clothing.

For pants a great tailor is invaluable. Women who are plus size and also tall can have a particularly hard time finding pants. A fabulous tailor can alter any garment to suit your figure perfectly. You can get a custom made outfit you may see but they don’t make in your size.

Also, if something fits you great don’t be ashamed to buy the same item in a different color or fabric. If it works it works.

Size is important when it comes to selecting colors. Experimenting is the best way to find out what works with your body and skin tone. Plus size does not mean you have to avoid bright colors. Something that cannot be overlooked is the type of fabric. Certain fabrics especially satin can cling to and show off cellulite. Trust me caution is needed here. Only by trying on new things will you discover the best colors and fabrics for your plus size figure.

Never be afraid to buy clothes that might be a size or two smaller if losing weight is your goal. It’s the ultimate motivation.

Finally, nothing accentuates a great fashion ensemble like a fancy, schmanzy watch. Buy one from my favorite NYC shop! Mention “DIYBudgetGirl” for a 10% discount!

Get to know your body, seek a professionals opinion, always experiment and try new things on, and never underestimate the power of undergarments and a confident attitude.

Review of Juicy Couture Watches

I just got an early Christmas present and wanted to share my thoughts on my new Juicy Couture Watches!

The Juicy Couture brand took the fashion world by storm when they first came on the fashion scene with t-shirts and terry leisure wear. In addition to the clothing line, Juicy Couture Watches are as popular today as their other trendy accessories. Juicy Couture Watches are made with fun, whimsy, and feminity in mind. The choices available from the collection Juicy Couture Watches include a watch for ladies of all ages and styles.
If looking for one of the Juicy Couture Watches with little adornment an excellent choice is the Metallic Zoe Watch. The pretty Metallic Zoe Watch has a metallic leather band with a Juicy Couture logo lining, a lovely rectangular stainless steel case, a white dial with silver numbers, a Juicy Crown wind piece, water resistance, two hand quartz movements and more. The retail price for one of the most popular Juicy Couture Watches is $150.00 (Great Watches Store).

One of the prettiest and trendiest of the Juicy Couture Watches is the Juicy Couture Chain Bracelet Watch. Available in silver tone metal the unique watch offers features such as; black dial, white roman numerals, quartz movement, water resistance and more. Definitely one of the most popular of the Juicy Couture Watches, this style is a two-in-one look giving the wearer the best of both in a watch, and a bracelet with a unique and stylish look. In addition in staying true with the charm and whimsy associated with the style and design of Juicy Couture products, the Juicy Couture Chain Bracelet Watch also has a dangling heart charm attached. The retail price for the Juicy Couture Chain Bracelet Watch is $295.00 (Great Watches Store).

The line of Juicy Couture Watches makes a point to create styles for everyone. If looking for a durable and fashionable watch for a teen to wear to school an excellent choice is the Juicy Couture Jelly Watch. Available with either a pink or clear band, the Juicy Couture Jelly Watch offers features such as; round stainless steel case, quartz movement, Crown etched wind piece, water resistant, stainless steel case and buckle, and a rubber jelly strap with “Juicy Couture” logo and hearts. Definitely a great gift items from among the collection of Juicy Couture Watches, the Jelly Watch retails for approximately $95.00 and comes in a gift box (Great Watches Store).

For more information on Juicy Couture Watches visit the web site for Juicy Couture or for other retailers that carry high end designer clothing and accessories such as Eluxury, Nordstrom, and others.

How to Photograph a Rainbow


A rainbow is not something that one sees every day, much more gets the perfect picture of. A lot of photographers often try their luck when it comes to capturing such a magical phenomena, only to be disappointed with the images that they come up with.

However, there are certain things that you may do in order to take the perfect rainbow picture, all of which will rely on your skills as a photographer and on the quality of the gear that you use.

Here are some highly effective guidelines that you may use s you go about in learning how to photograph rainbows. With the following tips, you should be able to snap high quality pictures of your dream rainbow sights.

Tip #1. Find an angle for the best possible background

The first thing that you have to keep in mind while learning how to photograph rainbows is that rainbows are not solid, which means that it may be a little trickier to capture them in the frame.

Since rainbows tend to be a little translucent, you have to find an angle that will give you the best possible background when you take your shot. Ideally, the area that you will be choosing should give you a solid sky color behind the review, so that the different colors of your subject will jump right off the picture.

Find an angle that will give you the least cluttered background as possible, with no clouds whatsoever, to ensure that you will be able to keep the rainbow as the focus of the photograph.

Tip #2. Take time composing your picture

Make sure that you take the time to compose the picture in such a way that will highlight the magnificence of your subject.

For example, you have to see to it that you position the rainbow at the right shot focal points of the image. There is a simple trick that you may use in order to ensure that you place it on the right position.

Find the ends of the rainbow and see whether you may place them in line with the lover elements of your photograph. You may have to keep changing your angles in order to achieve this position, but hitting the right spot will surely give you a breathtaking shot.

Tip #3 Include the right elements

Finally, make sure that you include the right elements on the foreground of the shot. While learning how to photograph rainbows, you have to see to it that you will not only balance the flat spacing of the elements of your image, but that you lend the picture depth as well.

You want to be able to capture the grandness of your subject, after all, which is why it will be a good idea to place key objects in front of the rainbow. A handful of tress, or some buildings if you live in the city, will give the rainbow the impression of being larger than life.

Even better, the right foreground elements will allow you to make the picture more dynamic and interesting, instead of just a picture of a rainbow standing out against a blue background.

So grab your camera and start shooting cool pics!

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Starting Out in New York City

I was so excited to see the beautiful skyline of Manhattan that I forgot to film my plane’s descent into JFK airport. It was certainly an “adventure,” and when I write “adventure” in quotation marks, I meant it was quite a “learning experience.”

Fortunately, I only had my backpack and my big bag filled with my photo/film equipment. I was going to meet someone in the city, but I didn’t know any place in New York so I told her (my now current flatmate) to meet me in Times Square. Because that’s the only place I knew.

I ended up taking the wrong train and long story cut short, I ended up lost in a place called Jamaica, Queens. At the time, all I wanted to do was click my heels, close my eyes and say “there’s no place, like home. There’s no place like home. Take me back to Barcelona!”

new york city subway

But I found some nice people who helped me out with the fare and helped me get on the right path to Times Square. It was definitely quite an experience for someone who’s only gone as far as Lisbon, when it comes to international travel.

So here I am in Nueva York. The Big Apple. The place where you get that “empire state of mind.” The birthplace of Yankee baseball and the pizza pie.

I have to admit it’s a daunting place, and much, much bigger than my old hometown of Barcelona. Everything is so big here – from the pizza slices to the wide avenues in Manhattan. Someone who just arrived here like myself would easily be intimidated.

freelance in new yorkFortunately, I got a great deal and I’m sharing an apartment with another girl in a small section (barrio as we call it back home but here it’s borough) called Queens. Specifially, it’s in Astoria, Queens.

Here’s a shot of our shared kitchen:


We have a nice 2-bedroom at a “great price” of $1,600 a month. I write it in quotation marks because any price above $0 is expensive for an unemployed person like myself. Fortunately, I’m sharing the flat with a girl whose Mom owns the place. It’s highly subsidized because her Mom wants her to “learn how to live like everyone else” and “pay rent like everyone else.”

She complains that she should have it for free, but I think for $800 a month I got no complaints! Based on what I’ve seen online and on Craigslist, the $800 is a bargain for anyone living 4-5 stops from the heart of Manhattan.

But again herein lies the problem. I’m not employed so $800 is not a bargain when you’re not making any dineros – you know what I’m saying compadre?

To make matters worse, I’m not into working in an office. My father was an accountant for forty years, working for the local gas company in Barcelona. It was a good job, and he’s now living a comfortable life with his comfy pension.

But I remember as a kid how dull and boring his office was. It just outside the city limits of Barcelona and he had this dingy office that would make smiley faced clown into a black and white mute mummer. During the time with my Dad in his office, I’ve concluded the following things:

  • Office jobs are depressing
  • Office jobs get you addicted to stale coffee
  • Office jobs make you smell like stale cigarettes
  • Office jobs make you lose your eyesight (Dad never wore glasses before working at the gas company)
  • Office jobs make you think you’re paid well (but not!)

Since then, I vowed I would never work as an accountant. I’d never, ever work in an office.

So that’s how I got into freelancing as an artist. I do photo. I make films. I get paid to write engaging content (you’re still reading right? Ha!). I learned to scrape a living in Barcelona, and earned enough to pursue my artistic (Hollywood!) ambitions in the U.S. So here I am.

I’m going to stick with what’s worked for me and I’m gonna be a freelancer in New York. The only hard question is:

How to get started as a freelancer in New York?

The fastest method to get started, which will work in any corner of the world, is to find jobs online. I went back to what I know best. I know I can write blogs (DM on Twitter for my rates!) and create engaging content. I’ve done SEO for companies in Spain and I’ve also written scripts for film students back home.

The great thing about writing is it can be done anywhere. All you need is a trusty lap top and an Internet connection. So I opened an account with Fiverr and writing 200-400 word blog posts for $5. Now, this won’t pay the rent but it does pay for lunch and dinner. It’s enough but definitely not something long term.

As they say (I don’t know where but perhaps in a movie?), it’s not what you know but who you know. I’ve learned that this saying is very much true in New York, more so than anywhere else I’ve been.

I mean use my flatmate as an example. She was fortunate enough to have a mother who owns a couple of buildings in Queens so she can live at a highly discounted flat. I’ve also met several artists and actresses who got started in Broadway shows because they had family friends who knew this cousin who had a brother who had an uncle… You get what I mean.

Unfortunately, expats like myself don’t get the benefit of having connections. I have to build and earn them. So that’s what I did.

I went back to the Internet and searched on Facebook and Meetup to find groups who had the same interests as me – photography, filmmaking or just making cool artistic stuff like this grafitti that my friend made:


The great thing about New York is how helpful people have been. It seems like whenever I watch movies about New York, someone is shot, killed or mugged. Perhaps, it doesn’t help that one of my favorite movies of all times depicts gangster violence:

I’ve always had the perception that New York was all about cutthroat competition and someone trying to outdo someone else. I got the perception that all of New York was like this, but it really isn’t. You just have to look and you’ll find some decent people who will help you if you get lost on the Jamaica platform.

Anyway, I met cool people at one of these groups. One of the cool groups I’ve joined was this film co-op group that was meeting downtown. They’re all starting out filmmakers. I started to get involved – mostly as a PA to their productions. After several projects, I was referred by one of the grips to this other production company who shot this corporate project for a startup called Skymark Ventures:

It was really fun working on this project with Skymark Ventures. I got to meet the CEO, who was also an entrepreneur. He didn’t start out penny poor like me, but he did go through the hardship of trying to build a new business in New York.

He talked about going door-to-door and establishing relationships with bartenders and various vendors to sell his premium London dry gin. You might have heard of it. It’s called Bulldog London Dry Gin. Perhaps, you might have even read that he sold his business for $55 million! Holy camote! And I think I make a killing making $5 on 200 word blog posts.

But it’s great meeting this group of filmmakers and also meeting this successful entrepreneur. It gave me hope that it is possible to build a business, to be a freelancer and to be a successful entrepreneur in New York. You just need the right support and the right people to help push you along.

Now, I’ve got the film thing going on and the Fiverr gig to do on the side. However, I found that it was enough to just scrape by. New York can be tough for anyone just starting out.

This is when I busted out my secret weapon – my camera! One of the solid ways I made money in Barcelona was through wedding photography and head shot photography.

Remember all those people I met in the Meetup and Facebook groups? Many of them were actors and actresses. Now, I do a little acting myself (actually more now than before but we’ll save that for another time), and as an actress, I know the importance of having good head shots to market oneself. So I was able to convince my actor friends to get head shot photos with me.

At first, I did it for free just to get my name out there. But soon, it got around that I was a Fiverr writing, PA loving, actress and photographer extraordinaire. I started charging $50 per session (which is a huge bargain still compared to what “pros” charge out there). But that helped me get the cash flow going.

Another source of income that I’ve found was getting involved in event photography, specifically photographing weddings. This has actually been quite profitable, and 1 or 2 gigs can easily pay the rent and then some.

The only issue I’ve found with wedding photography is competing for those lucrative jobs. I signed up for this website called Thumbtack. The only problem with Thumbtack is you have to buy the right (or credits to use) to bid for the jobs, and it’s not even guaranteed that you’ll get the job. This means that you can buy credits (lose money) and not get anything out of it!

Photography I think is the best way to make money but it’s also the toughest to find any sustainable income from. Perhaps if I build an online presence, like a Twitter account and a blog, people can get a hold of me. Sounds like a good idea right?!

New York is a Hustle

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably thinking I’m everywhere. I do photography. I make films. I write content for blogs. I’m into acting!

But that’s the reality of what it means to be a New Yorker. It’s a hustle man, you dig?

Nothing in life – unless you’re my flatmate – comes for free. This is actually one of my Dad’s favorite sayings, and it’s certainly true for someone trying to make it in New York. No one will hand you $55 million to start out with.

You have to hustle to make it in New York.

Especially, for people just starting out, you’ll be driving Ubers during the day and going to acting auditions at night. It means balancing 15 different Fiverr gigs while making that 3:00 PM call to shoot that short film by some unknown director. It means washing dishes, while taking classes at night.

It’s a lot of hard work.

There’s this other saying about New York: if you make it here, you can make it anywhere. Actually, I think that came from a Jay Z song. Now that I write about it, I think it came from “Empire State of Mind.”

Living in New York for the past few months have made me appreciate what this saying means. Starting out in New York means getting lost on the Jamaica platform. It means taking sucky jobs so you can work your way out of the mailroom and into the penthouses of Wall Street. It means washing dishes so you can learn from the famous chefs so you too can open your own restaurant one day.

But if you put in the work and effort, then success is inevitable in this town. I think that’s what that saying means and I definitely agree with it.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I know for sure I won’t live in New York all my life, even though I’m loving it more than the all-day, $1 breakfast menu at Mcdonalds. But what I do know is that wherever I end up, I’ll be ready for it.

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